Fromm Four-Star Hasen Duckenpfeffer

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Fromm Family Foods Four Star Hasen-Duckenpfeffer Dry Dog Food

Fromm Hasen-Duckenpfeffer Dog Food is a succulent German-inspired entrée for dogs of all life stages. Its unique blend of fresh ingredients offers picky pooches a taste of something different, while the nutrition remains top notch. Rabbit and duck are the first items on the all-natural ingredient list, providing a flavor that your dog might not be familiar with yet. They are quickly followed by a delicious medley of garden-fresh vegetables such as potatoes, carrots, peas and celery. Real Wisconsin cheese tops it all off and adds the Fromm signature ingredient to Fromm Hasen-Duckenpfeffer Dog Food.

Variety is the key to every Fromm Family Foods Four Star dog food. Every unique ingredient is chosen because it brings something valuable to the table for your dog, but no ingredient is included in such an amount that it would bother most pets. In fact, Fromm Hasen-Duckenpfeffer Dog Food is known to be an effective option for dogs who are suspected to have a food allergy or intolerance. Made with a “multi-ingredient principle,” this food includes a variety of protein sources, fruits, vegetables and carbohydrates so that if the offending ingredient is present, it is usually in an amount that the dog’s system can tolerate. Fromm’s Four Star Nutritionals line of dog food is made to be complementary, so if finding the perfect food for your dog is a trial and error process, it should be an easy transition.

There are many nutritional benefits that your dog will enjoy in Fromm Hasen-Duckenpfeffer Dog Food. On top of the natural and high quality ingredients that offer all the necessities, this meal includes prebiotics and probiotics that will help the sensitive pup digest it easily and experience the maximum benefits of every vitamin and mineral. Salmon oil is added to promote healthy fur and skin, and omega fatty acids are included at their optimal ratio. You can trust the quality of Fromm Hasen-Duckenpfeffer Dog Food because it is made in Fromm’s own USDA-inspected facilities in their home state of Wisconsin, where food safety and quality control are carefully monitored.

Give your dog the gift of variety with Fromm Hasen-Duckenpfeffer Dog Food. He will love every unique flavor and you will appreciate the many healthy side effects.